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  • My all time favorite art supply that I couldn't live without is a black stabilo marks all pencil. My second is my white uniball signo pen.
  • Molotow paint markers are my newest obsession. Of course I can't wait to get my hands on the Liquitex paint markers. Dying to try!
  • Hmmm...hardware store for mark making and texture...I haven't done that yet. Perhaps tomorrow!
  • Does anyone have enough similar colors to compare different sprays? I have a wide selection that fills holes but no overlap. Are the Dylusions really that different that Smooch, Adarondack, Huey, etc.? I have a Smooch yellow. It's transparent with a good enough mist. Are the others different when used on paper?

  • Ah, there some fluorescents, or neons, that truly do express ME.  I ADORE my Sharpie Fluorescent Poster Paint markers.  I ordered them online because they were on clearance, and I had no idea what they'd be like.  But I LOVE hot pink, it makes me happy, and I absolutely adore the hot red.  It's the best red color I've ever seen.  I will be sad when these run out, because I'm not sure I can get more.  But I do love my Elmer's Painters paint pens, too.  Almost as much.  Especially the hot pink.  I haven't used brown in years, I'm afraid.  Just not a brown person.  I love my fuschia best of all, and God/dess answered my prayers to try Dylusions inks last week!  I won a set on Facebook and they should be here any day!  I LOVE Sakura Gelly Roll pens...all of them, including the Moonlight ones, which are neons, but especially the Glaze in black.  I buy them by the half dozen now.  They write rich, glossy, raised black lines.  Gorgeous in journaling and awesome resist for my watercolors.  I love Inktense Blocks used as pan watercolors because the colors are DEEP and they don't move after they dry.  Of course my go-to white pen is the Uniball Signo.  I've tried several and it's just the BEST.  Hmmm...I also use a set of Sakura Sensei manga pens for permanent black lines, as well as a big PITT brush pen in black, and my favorite regular black pen is a Pentel Energel, which has a hybrid ink that dries super fast and is deep and intense.  It writes so smooth, plus they come in retractable, which is good for my laziness.  And they're affordable in packs of a half dozen or so.  I buy them and tuck them everywhere for all writing purposes.  I guess those are the things I use every day and will whine loudest about when they run out!  I love acrylic paint in my journal, but I'm not brand loyal about it except when I work on canvas.

  • I'll go next. I'm oh so passé but I LOVE my tape runners. Sure the other expensive toys are cool. I buy far too many of them and play for awhile but next thing I know it's been months since I used them last. Sometimes even longer. Certain things stay around and keep getting used. Spray inks are cool. But... how long will I be using them before the next cool thing comes along? Dyna Labeler? Bind It All? Polaroid camera? Gelli plates? What's next? Why should I talk about these passing love affairs when I can talk about the supplies I'm married to for the long term. Tape runners, Golden arcylics and mediums, Copic markers, Derwent color pencils, perfect short handled brushes, Micron pens. I wait for sales, I horde coupons, I buy one at a time as I can afford them. Do you really need 12 when 1 can do? Monochrome has a long and glorious history. Sepia and black get more millage then neon orange. I can't guess the next trend but I assure you it won't be neon colors. I just found a sale on Dylusions with a $5 off coupon and bought the brown and blue -- not very sexy but I can still use it in four years no matter what the trend. I'm still guilty, don't get me wrong, I did buy two of the Golden limited edition blues. Perfect blue jeans and the color of deep twilight when everything is the same color. At least they are a Golden product and I will be able to squeeze them out in six years and be just as excited.

    if that neon color is absolutely necessary start tearing it out of magazines from library and yard sale, from junk mail and papers you find on the street. And do ask your friends and family to help collect papers for you. No one resents a request for something they are going to throw away. Maybe they aren't inks or paints but you get the splash of color and save a ton of money. Following the trends does not mean you have to pay the inflated prices. And remember art is about creativity and finding your own voice. Do you really need neon orange to be who you really are? I sincerely do not thing so. Be strong. Stay within your budget. Improvise.

  • Tarah I buy my Copics off line at usually a better deal  mostly because if they are in a store in open shelves they have probably been used and played with..... the good thing about Copic is that you can buy refills and use them for a long time......

  • Hmmm, I will have to try zentangles, it looks like fun. (When is doodling not fun? ) in anyone's opinion, do copics blend better than prismacolor? I'm not happy that some of the markers I buy don't have great ink in it. They are disappointing me in quality. It's ridiculous, one market didn't even last me one page project.
  • LOL YES!! they have so many GORGEOUS ones too!! and the neat thing only takes a moment and it whisks you away.....I did it until i realized my hand was starting to Thanks for looking and the awesome comment!!

  • Oh Dawn I love your Zentangles. I've been doing it for about a year now and yes it is soooo addicting. Have you discovered yet?

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