Join me as I challenge myself and my ideas of what and how to journal this summer! Check back each week for a new crazy idea I've decided to try! 

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I'm Samie. You probably know me. *laughs* I love being a Creative Warrior, using the strength garnered from living with a chronic illness to spread inspiration, empathy, and discovery across the web.

At least my little corner of it! 

The Summer Challenge Series is something I've had in mind for awhile. I find the deepest and most amazing discoveries come from challenging yourself and how you relate to the world around you. I like to consider myself a Mad Art Scientist, and challenging myself is something I do to continue growing. 

But I also know many of you are Mad Art Scientists as well, and Creative Warriors, and yearn to create lovely, meaningful art on a budget, or with little energy, or late at night when your family has gone to sleep. So I thought, why not be challenged together?


This is an informal challenge. There are no deadlines, homework, tasks, or lessons. Rather, if you happen upon this group and find yourself inspired by that week's challenge, try it. If you don't have time, don't. 

I'm working this in the following way: everything will help you discover more about yourself, and operates under that lovely rule -- you will get out of this exactly what you put in it

So, how much are you willing to give if self-discovery and fun is the end result? 

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  • Oh! So I'm headed back to the States (from Uganda) for Christmas, and am trying to figure out the 'essential few (frugal-ish) things' that should come back with me to get some color back into my journals. So inspired by the box pictures!

  • I am hoping this will stop me spending a small fortune on arts and crafts supplies!

  • I am working on a box to take with me to the beach

  • i put my stuff in a box then put the box in a place I won't use it! guess that won't work! LOL

  • I'm working on getting my box ready. I go to an experimental art group in Black Mountain, NC every week. I'm always forgetting something! Maybe by getting better organized, I'll actually be able to get some journal work done!! Just found that Michaels is carrying Gelatos...I bought my first set (blues) with a 40% off coupon. Yay! Happy girlie here. Cannot wait to start playing with them. With tomorrow being the 4th and absolutely no plans....I'm gonna get my box together.

  • I got my box ready and have created one page so far. It's been interesting not only with the limited amounts but I am working in the living room because my craft room is too hot no air...but I am enjoying it.. so here is a pic of my box

  • Loved the basic shading with color!! I really never thought there were 3 colors....duh! even black and white has the grey! it just never occured to me! I never got to see the charcol videos, So its possible you may have shown about 3 colors there, Now I just have to try and apply this to a face!! Thanks Samie!

  • Great idea! i will make up my box when i get back in town.

  • Okay, I will spend a bit of time this weekend putting a box of stuff together and then use it for at least 5 or 10 mins. a day until next Friday. I'll see what I can come up with. 

    I am teaching two classes on Monday and so I won't consider those supplies as part of the challenge. I have a 9 year old student in the morning and a twenty year old in the afternoon for sumi-e class. 

    Wish I knew a bit more about teaching youngsters. Will keep posting about the challenge.I'll post my work next Friday. 

  • I love this idea! I'm always up for a challenge :) I'm going to go make my box for the week right now!

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