Join me every week for a little journaling prompt. It may be a photo, a story, an idea. Everyone is invited to take 5 and reconnect with their creative side!

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Join me each week for a jolt of fun!

Hey there! 

Every week, I like to take a moment to reflect on my day, or the previous week, and take in what awesome things have happened. 

I'm a silver-lining kind of girl. 

A little while ago, I decided to share these reflections with my mailing list, sending out a message every week with something to get you working in your journal. It may be a photo, or a story, or a little prompt. But I hope to ask you a question that can't be answered right away, one that needs some time to cook, and what better place to contemplate things than in your journal? 

So many people say they don't have time to journal. I'm aiming to get everyone into their journals at least once a week, for 15 minutes. 

Have the time? Stick around for new posts or browse past messages. Post journal pages you've created or simply write -- whatever creativity is prompted is welcomed in the forums. 

Do you have a story to share, a photo, or a question you'd like to see as a message? Send me a DM and become a guest contributor! 

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  • So, is this group now defunct? I assume so, based on the most recent posting/response being almost a year old (Sept. 26th, 2012).
  • Hello! I'm new to this website and group and excited to start journaling. I was wondering where to locate the weekly prompts, I am not seeing them within this page. Thanks!
  • This is going to be so much fun! Can't wait for the magic to happen ^.^
  • great advice ~ magic happens whenever i'm able to just let go!  And, omg, yessss ~ too much stuff is a problem for me too! A nice problem, but a problem, nonetheless.

  • Ruth, you have the right idea! Don't look elsewhere for inspiration...keep the brush moving and paint from your heart! I know it sounds corny, but it is SO TRUE!! At least  this has been my experience. Your style will develop over time, and will change over and over again. Stop worrying and just CREATE!

  • Reelynn I feel your pain! I am the same way! I am good at "copying" but can't seem to find my own style, I have finally forced myself not to look for inspiration before I try to do a page and I think my style will emerge, at least I hope so! I always feel like I'm not "good enough" and have to keep reminding myself that it's just my book so it doesn't matter if it's perfect.

  • i have a ton of magazines in my living room! can't seem to part with them but once in a while I will purge! There is nothing tidy about art journaling! A cart in my kitchen is covered with all my art supplies! My family is so good not to complain about the mess!

  • Hi Ruth!  I have the same artsy magazines...they are everywhere...I work more than full time and never seem to find the time to organize it all...then I don't want to sit down to journal until my space is tidy...sigh...

  • I have so much stuff I can't find anything and it's all over the place! What a mess! LOL I think I am addicted to shopping for stuff them when I get it home and too overwhelmed with all my stuff to actually do anything with it!

  • So excited to be here.  I have accumulated a LOT of art journal stuff over the years since I became obsessed, but tend to not do journaling because I feel like I don't do it as well as I would like. But I have been trying to do at least some every week and I love it. I am still trying to find my own style, which has been difficult.  I hope to be able to figure out my style within the next few months. 

    By the way Rhonda, I think your chosen career sounds challenging and rewarding.  Good luck

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